At BMS, we define bullying as “repeated hurtful acts against others.  It includes, but is not limited to, words, actions, or social exclusion on the part of one or more individuals.”


School Rules Against Bullying

§        We will not bully other students.

§        We will include all students (those who may feel left out).

§        We will respect all students.

§        We will try to help students that are bullied.

§        When we know of someone being bullied, we will immediately tell an adult at school.

§        We will also inform an adult at home.

 Consequences for Bullying Behavior

Step 1                 Documentation & warning

Step 2                 Documentation & call home

                                After school detention

Anti-bullying assignment

Step 3                 Documentation

                                Step 2 consequences

Meeting with School Resource Office (SRO)

Step 4                 Documentation

                        Call home


                        SRO follow-up

                        Alternative placement letter sent home

                        Curriculum assignment

                        Mandatory parent intervention

Step 5                 Documentation

                        Step 4 consequences

Out of school suspension & Alternative placement

                        SRO intervention

Where to get the forms:

Guidance Office Lobby, Nurse’s Office Lobby, MS Library, Cafeteria, or MS Web Site

Where to drop completed forms:

Guidance Office Lobby, Nurse’s Office Lobby, or MS Library

Last Modified on June 13, 2008