7th Grade Homework Page 

Mrs. Boschetto - Science 
3/28/17 - 
 ALL PERIODS - Finish the Interactions of Living Things worksheet if you didn't finish it in class today.  Also, the Ecology test will be on Monday, April 3rd.  Start studying now.

Mr. Mrozek-Math 3rd Marking Period:
Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet #205 on equations due 3/6/17.
Periods 5,6-pg 331-8-26 all and pg 342-13-35 all due 3/6/17. 
Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet #34 due 3/7/17.
Periods 5,6-25 problems given in class on percent due 3/7/17.
Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet DD-13 due 3/8/17.
Periods 5,6- 25 problems on equivalent percent, decimals and fractions due 3/8/17.
Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet #208 due 3/9/17. 
Periods 5,6-15 problems due 3/9/17. 
Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet A-42 due 3/10/17.
Periods 5,6-15 problems on equivalent percent decimal and fractions and a test on the same material on 3/10/17. 
Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet A-41 due 3/14/17.
Periods  5,6-no homework due 3/14/17.
Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet DD-34 due 3/21/17.
Periods 5,6-book pg 272-10-29 all and a survey with ratios due 3/21/17. 
Periods 1,2,7,8-Pretest on one and two step equations due 3/22/17.
Periods 5,6-no homework due 3/22/17. 
Periods 1,2,5,6,7,8-no homework due 3/23/17 and 3/24/17 due to study island benchmarking.
Periods 1,2,7,8-test on one and two-step equations on 3/27/17. 
Periods 5,6-book pg-278-9-25 all and pg 283-12-32 all and37-40 all due 3/27/17. 
Periods 1,2,7,8-no homework due 3/28/17.
Periods 5,6-worksheet 154 ratio and proportion due 3/28/17. 
Periods 1,2,7,8- worksheet DD-37 due 3/29/17. 
Periods 5,6-worksheet 13-41 all due 3/29/17.
 * Mr. Haussener / Mrs. Mayse * English Language Arts *
- Adjective / Adverb Unit Test on Wednesday 3/9/17 (40 Points) 
- 45-minutes of Membean practice/training by Friday (10 Points)
   User Name: First Name_Last Name_Bloom
- Spelling test (Unit 14) on Friday 3/10/17 (20 Points)
Spelling homework (Unit 14) due Thursday 3/9/17 (10 Points) 
- Four reading journal entries due Friday, two signatures from outside of class needed (5 Points)
- 10 AR Points are needed by March 31, 2017 (20 Points) 

Mrs. Hintz- English Language Arts
Current Unit: Justice/The Novel: Touching Spirit Bear/Adj. and Adv.
Periods 1-2 and 5-6
45 minutes of Membean practice/training by Friday!
    user name: first_last_bloom
    password: 7 digit student number
Membean Assessment on Friday.
Reading Journals due Friday.
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Read for AR POINTS! You must earn 10 AR Points for this 9 weeks.  Books must be at least 3 points or on the 5th grade reading level.  *Due at the end of the quarter, 3/29/17.
Period 7-8 Honors
Sign up for a guest journal date on Google Classroom!
45 minutes of Membean practice/training by Friday!
    user name: first_last_bloom
    password: 7 digit student number
Membean Assessment on Friday
Reading Journals due Friday.
Read for AR POINTS. You must earn 20 AR Points for this 9 weeks. Books must be at least 4 points or on the 6th grade reading level. *Due at the end of the quarter, 3/29/17. 
You can order Scholastic books online. Sign up here:

Our class's book club code is: JTDH7
Ms. Drucker-- Math :)                               i heart math     
  • Math 7 (Periods 3-4)

Pi Day snacks  Libby
Hayley   Golden Rule    
 World Geography - Mrs. Zwalkuski
Monday, March 27:  No homework
Tuesday, March 28: No homework
Wednesday, March 29: 
Thursday, March 30: 
Friday, March 31: